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Welcome to Happy Birds

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About Happy Birds

'Happy Birds' is known for its high iron content and much lower cholesterol than other breeds, and sells at a much higher price than other varieties, say experts. Kadaknath or Kali Masi (fowl with black flesh) is unique breed of chicken that is completely black in colour. Apart from its meat,it's bones and most organs are also black. It's egg are also in black. Its black colour stems from deposition of melanin pigment. It contains 25–27% of protein in comparison with other breeds of chicken that contain 18% Protein.

The main characteristics of this chicken breed is the colour of meat, skin and bones which are black or quite unique and not available in any other chicken breed of India.The kadaknath chicken originated in Jhabua District of Madhya Pradesh.

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Happy Birds

Happy Birds is delighted to present itself as a dynamic and energetic company from Ambala (Haryana) that recently marked its foray in the poultry business. We serve as one of the reliable manufacturers, exporters, and suppliers of Kadaknath black poultry eggs, live Kadaknath chicken and live Kadaknath chicks. After sensing the immense potential of the Indian poultry market, we decided to set up own Kadaknath poultry farm so that the growing nationwide demand for Kadaknath chicken can be met with premium poultry products.

We have a large yet hygienically maintained poultry farm facility, where Kadaknath eggs, chicks, and chicken have been bred, grown, and raised under a healthy environment.The company has been gradually expanding its business to distant Indian locations and fulfilling buyers’ needs with superior quality poultry products.

The quality checks have made us confident about the delivery of poultry products with perfection. The robust infrastructural base has played a vital role in strengthening the market position of the company.



Nothing less than the ‘natural miracle’, this premium breed is a quality product of nature itself. This bird is completely black - Black plumage, black legs, and toenails, beak, tongue, comb, wattles, meat, bones & even dark organs. This breed has a bachelor's in adaption and a masters in disease resistance. And of course, an honorary in superb flavour and succulence.